AroundU: Where Every Connection is an Adventure!

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What does our app do?


AroundU makes it super easy to find and connect with people for shared rides, fun activities, and common interests.

Whether you need a lift, want to play a game, or just want to meet new friends

Our app brings people together effortlessly.


Introducing lobbies

Think of lobbies as your personal hangout spots!

Whether you're setting up a carpool, rallying a cricket game, or planning a spontaneous meetup, finding flatmates, lobbies are where the magic happens.

Create a lobby, invite others, and get the party started – it's like planning with friends, even when you don't have friends around.

While you’re here, explore

Explore is like a treasure hunt for awesome people!

Dive into categories like sports, book clubs, travel, hobbies, and more to find your squad. Whether you’re looking for a hiking buddy, a fellow bookworm, or someone to geek out with over the latest tech, Explore helps you find your kindred spirits.

It’s like stumbling upon a group of new friends who are just as obsessed with your favorite things as you are.

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