What is Paleo diet?

If a caveman didn't eat it,neither should you.

Now, obviously there's more to it than that, and that's what we're going to cover in great detail with this article.

PALEO DIET is basically a food plan which is primarily based on types of food eaten by early humans during palaeolithic era (2.6 Lakh years ago) consisting of meat, vegetables, selected fruits etc, but modified to suit our existing Indian food culture prevailing for many decades.

The food eaten by humans during palaeolithic era was very rich in Fat and Protein and at the same time, intake of carbohydrate was to the very minimum as the meat was primary energy source.

Since the invention of Agriculture, humans started eating more of grains like Rice, Wheat, Corn etc. Because of this, consumption of carbohydrate by humans increased multifold and Fat / Protein intake got reduced to one third of consumption by early humans. This has led to many new diseases which never existed in paleolithic period.

PALEO DIET is very similar to LCHF diet (Low Carbohydrate-High Fat) and this includes only food stuff which we eat daily. This diet has been practiced by Americans, Europeans & many group of peoples around the world for many years.

This PALEO DIET has been in the news of Tamilnadu for the past 3 years and has been followed by large number of people. This Diet has given relief or complete cure to many people who were severely affected with OBESITY, DIABETES, Auto-immune diseases like THYROID, RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, PSORIASIS, PCOD/PCOS & IRREGULAR PEROIDS etc.

Though Primary energy source is FAT in PALEO DIET & Protein also plays vital role and given utmost importance.

Those who wants to reduce their weight are advised to take proper quantity of Protein because weight loss will not happen if Protein intake is less. People with Diabetes can't control their blood sugar level if they consume less protein.

Hence, it is appropriate to call PALEO DIET as "Low Carbohydrate-High Fat- Proper Protein" diet.

Now, we will see how PALEO DIET improves our overall health of our body.

When you start eating low carb-high fat-proper protein diet, then Liver will start converting FAT from the daily diet into Ketones which will give energy to fulfill the requirements of internal organs of our body for their functioning as well as the physical activities you undertake in your daily life like walking, running, weight lifting, various labour work, sexual act etc.

If you keep FAT deficit in your daily diet, your body after using dietary fat as energy, will start burning body fat stored in Adipose cells beneath skin mainly in Abdomen, thighs and buttocks & also inside and around internal organs like Liver, Heart, Arteries, Kidney, Pancreas, Gall bladder etc., into energy. Thereby, excess FAT in your body gets removed and weight reduction happens.

When there is weight reduction i.e. removal of body fat, Insulin Resistance decreases and Diabetes gets reversed. This also gives partial or full cure to many Auto-immune diseases and improves overall health of body dramatically.

At this stage, you would Be shocked to know that Dietary Fat burns body fat and the question of how fat from food cuts body fat.

You may doubt this phenomenon because Cardiologists have been always cautioning people that consumption of fat rich food will increase blood cholesterol, cause obesity, create plaque inside arteries and lead to heart-attack and stroke. This was a myth, not true at all.

Ancel Keys - An American did a study called "7 Countries Study" and concluded in his report that Cholesterol has been main cause for blocks in arteries which eventually led to heart attack/ stroke. Doctors around the world took this report as Sacrosanct and they started prescribing Statin Drugs manufactured by Global Pharmaceutical giants reduce blood Cholesterol level. In the bargain, Pharma companies made huge profit. Doctors still continue to prescribe STATIN drugs to people even today. This is the curse to human kind happened in 20th Century.

But, finding of "7 Countries Study" has been proved False of late.

As a matter of fact, Cholesterol plays very important roles and functions in our body. We need a small amount of blood to build the structure of cell membranes, make hormones like estrogen, testosterone and adrenal hormones, help body metabolism work efficiently. For example, cholesterol is essential for your body to produce vitamin D, produce bile acids, which helps the body digest fat and absorb important nutrients.

Without Cholesterol, there will not be sexual reproduction, brain function, body movement, memory etc. Our Heart and Brain is fully made up of cholesterol. Human beings can't be alive without cholesterol.

Liver is capable of producing Cholesterol even if there is a shortage or no cholesterol in our diet. After taking birth, human body tries its best to keep us alive by all means even amidst difficult circumstances like famine, critical illness etc.

Further, there is no good cholesterol or bad cholesterol. Everything in cholesterol panel i.e. LDL, HDL, Triglycerides, VLDL is very much essential for the proper functioning of our body. HDL(High Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol has been identified as Good Cholesterol and LDL (Light Density Lipoprotein) has been termed as BAD cholesterol by medical professionals. But, in reality, both HDL and LDL are protein based cholesterol only.

The important function of Cholesterol in our body is to heal / cure inflammation inside arteries and other blood vessels. But, it has been wrongly orchestrated by Medical Professionals and global Pharma Companies that dietary Fat is very bad for health, but Carbohydrate rich grains are very good for health. This is not true at all.

By now, you would have understood that Cholesterol is our friend (Not a foe) and contributes well towards well being of our body.Now, there will be another question arising out of you.

Your second question may be:

All our ancestors (Grand Parents, Great Grand Parents and Great Great Grand Parents etc.) have been eating carbohydrate rich grains like Rice, wheat, Corn, etc. Our Ancestors were found to be physically active and healthy people. There were not obese, they never had Diabetes or other auto-immune diseases.

Then why are you asking us to switch from Common Man Diet (Carb rich) to Paleo Diet (Low Carb-High Fat)? That is your question.


Our Ancestors were very lean and didn't have all these modern diseases. But, we eat the same food but we are all overweight and obese. Majority of us have Diabetes, blocks in Arteries, High Blood Pressure, Other Heart diseases and Auto-immune diseases. All the hospitals and Nursing homes are filled with patients all the time.
The fact is that we all lead sedentary life style and there is no physical hard work from all of us. Everything is mechanized here and there is no need for us to sweat under hot sun with difficult labour like our ancestors were undergoing.

Also, the Rice, Wheat and other grains, we eat today are genetically modified to give more yield and produced using pesticides, fertilizers etc. The grains our ancestors ate were not the same ones that we eat today.Further, we eat Processed meat and packaged food /junk food which are added with preservatives for longer shelf life, Hydrogenated vegetable oil, Carbonated Soft drinks, Liquor, Tobacco etc which are much more harmful to our health. We changed our FOOD HABIT totally.
Our Ancestors did not consume all these food stuff.
This is the reason the grains rich in Carbohydrates which were eaten by our Ancestors for 10000 years have become "KILLER GRAINS" in this modern era. This is the bitter truth and we need to accept this with pinch of salt.

Your third question would be :

We eat Milk, Curd, Buttermilk, Paneer, Ghee, Butter, Cheese, Vegetable oil, Sweets and savories, lassi, Milk Shake, Fruits, Cake, Chicken Biriyani, Mutton Biriyani, Chicken 65, Mutton Sukka, Fish Fry, Beef, Pork and so many other items which have lots and lots of fat.
In spite of eating so much fat, we put on weight and become obese. You say that if you take fat rich food, then your weight will reduce. How to believe this?

Answer :

Here, you have to understand a blunder we do. All the food stuff mentioned above contain reasonable quantity of FAT. But, we do not eat all these items on daily basis.
WE may consume these items once or twice in a week and we take these stuff as "Side Dishes" and our main Dish is either "Steamed Rice" or ROTI/Chapati made from wheat.
In Briyani, Main dish is RICE and side dish is few pieces of Chicken or mutton.

When you eat full MEALS for lunch, the main dish is Steamed Rice and side dishes are Dal, vegetables, Sweet etc. In common man diet (what you eat every day), there is Carbohydrate up to 60- 70, Fat -15 to 20 & and Protein 15-20 %. From this, you can realize yourself that the food you take usually contains very high percentage of Carbohydrates and portion of Protein and Fat are very small.

A normal person who works in Office with sedentary lifestyle (no much hard work) needs 1300-1500 calories from food to fulfill his energy requirement of his body.
But , when the same person eats Buffet Lunch / Dinner hosted by his office or eats sumptuous marriage fest, he will easily consume 2500-3000 calories from one meal.
In this, 70 % of calories will be Carbohydrates which works out to 1750 Calories. All these excess carbohydrates he had will be converted into Triglycerides Fat and stored below the skin in abdomen, thighs, buttocks and as a visceral fat inside and outside internal organs like liver, pancreas, gall bladder, kidney, heart and arteries/ blood vessels. Over a period of time, this person will become obese.

Those who have very high Insulin Resistance in their body will get hunger pangs all the time and they will tend to eat more food. These people will become obese and then contract Diabetes in few years time.

You may have Fourth question too.

Most of the people think that paleo diet is predominantly Meat based diet. You will be asked to eat lot of chicken /mutton / fish / pork / beef. Then, will it is suitable for pure vegetarians or veg +egg eating people ? Will vegetarians get the benefits of Paleo diet ?

Answer :

Paleo diet is not Meat based diet and on the contrary, Vegetarians and Veg + Eggetarians can definitely take Paleo diet and get all the benefits of Paleo.

Specially devised Paleo diet plans are available for Vegetarians and Veg + Eggetarians and Obesity, Diabetes & so many other Auto-immune diseases have been cured fully or partially with these diet plans.

Hope you would have got answers to all your questions / doubts/ clarifications on Paleo Diet.

In order to maintain good health and enhance longevity, we need to consume micro nutrients such as Vitamins and Minerals. Are you getting sufficient Vitamins and minerals from Common man diet ? Answer is big NO.
We get Scurvy, rickets, Beriberi, Pellagra and so many other diseases due to vitamins deficiency.

Vitamin-D Deficiency is the most worrying trend in India as more than 85% of Indian Population have very low levels of Vitamin -D though India is a Tropical Country and sun shines most of the year.
This Vitamin - D deficiency leads to Heart diseases, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, High Blood Pressure, Obesity , Auto-immune diseases, Cancer etc,. 30 minutes of Sun Bath everyday between 11 am and 2 pm is sufficient to get required level of Vitamin D.

Also, Many Indians have mineral deficiency especially magnesium, calcium, Zinc, Selenium and Iron.

Our Paleo Diet / food plan is formulated in such a manner by including all the food items so that one who follows this diet gets all essential nutrients (carbohydrate / Protein /Fat) and micro-nutrients (Vitamins / minerals) in proper proportion. Thus, Paleo Diet improves body immunity and overall health of the person as well as many benevolent genetical changes in body due to balancing of various hormones secreted in our body,

Finally, following are the health benefits you get by following Paleo diet for a longer period:

Paleo diet helps in reducing excess body weight in progressive manner

Paleo diet helps reversing Diabetes Type-II completely for many people and helps reducing the sugar medicine they consume to less than half to some people depending the intensity of Diabetes & how long they suffer from Diabetes. Diabetes Type-1 people will be able to reduce the quantity of Insulin injection they take during each meal, to more than half.

Paleo diet helps reversing Auto-immune diseases to many people and helps in reducing the intensity of sufferings they undergo due to auto-immune diseases & gives partial cure to some people.

Paleo diet helps improving PCOD /PCOS in women and helps women to get pregnant by balancing all the hormones in the body.

Paleo diet helps all the cells in our body to get quality FAT(Saturated and unsaturated) so that cells functions properly and communicates well with brain and other internal organs.

Paleo diet helps our Brain to grow and function properly and efficiently because of Poly-unsaturated Fatty acid(PUFA) and Omega-3 fatty acids which is made available freely in Paleo diet.

Paleo diet reduces possibility of getting diseases due to Metabolic Syndrome. Insulin Resistance is the main reason for getting many diseases in our body.

Paleo diet reduces Insulin Resistance in our body. It improves Insulin Sensitivity of Cells.

Paleo diet protects Gut Flora in small intestine and larger intestine and reduces the chances of getting inflammation in digestion system.

Paleo diet improves general body immunity to very high level and protect us from contracting may diseases.

Paleo diet helps keeping Blood Cholesterol levels at optimum levels and prevents clogging of arteries and heart related diseases. If someone has already heart disease, then it reduces the intensity of such diseases and gives lot of relief.

Paleo diet helps our body to get all essential and micro-nutrients in proper proportions.

Paleo diet helps in improving digestion & nutrient absorption in digestive system.
In paleo diet, food prescribed contain very less toxins comparted to the toxins in common man diet.

Paleo diet brings satiety and you will never feel hungry, It makes you very active and energetic all through the day.
Paleo diet helps preventing various types of Cancer.

Paleo diet gives full or partial cure to more than 50 diseases.

This is just a food plan and there is no allopathic or ayurvedic or siddha medicines prescribed here.
Here, we ask you to stop taking certain food stuff you have been taking since your birth, start taking more quantities of certain food items and reduce the quantity of certain food.
That's all.

Before Starting Paleo diet, the following Blood tests are required to be taken.

Dieticians, at Healthy Nutrition India, will review the Blood test parameters and suggest suitable Paleo Food plan.

What are the services offered by Healthy Nutrition India ? Who can approach us?

Those people
- who are obese . morbidly obese to reduce their extra weight - who are diabetic / severely diabetic to reverse the diabetes or to keep their Blood sugar level under control always.
- who are suffering from Auto-immune diseases like Hypo-Thyroid, PCOS/PCOD, Asthma, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis etc.
- who are already into Paleo diet for many weeks but unable to reduce body weight beyond certain point
- who are already into Paleo diet but could not control Blood sugar level below certain level
- who wants to meet Paleo Consultant and get all their doubts cleared prior to starting paleo diet and follow Paleo diet under strict supervision by Paleo Diet consultants, for 100 days and above.

shall approach Healthy Nutrition India and get Paleo diet Recommendation along with monitoring of their Paleo journey. The Doctor’s and Dietician panel at Healthy Nutrition India recommends Customised "Paleo / Keto Food Chart" based on their present health conditions and based on recent Blood test Reports on functioning of various body parts of the client.

Then, Professionals from Healthy Nutrition India explains about Paleo Diet in detail to their client i.e. Origin and basis of Paleo Diet, How people contract various diseases like Diabetes, Auto-immune diseases etc. and become obese, how weight reduction happens in this diet, How Diabetes is getting reversed In Paleo Diet ? and be with the client for 100 full days to clarify all their doubts while there are on Paleo diet, given them moral support, provide timely advices, change the food chart and meal timing whenever needed and ultimately work towards achieving the target as much as possible.
There is fee charged to their client for this service.

Paleo Diet Packages from Healthy Nutrition India.

1. Diabetic package with 100 days monitoring.

Customised Paleo Food chart along with 100 days daily monitoring services are provided to Diabetic /severely Diabetic clients. The food consumed by them along with Fasting Blood Sugar Post Prandial Blood Sugar is monitored on daily basis and necessary advice to reduce dosages of sugar tablets and Insulin units given along with changes in Food chart. Clients are advised to reduce / increase sugar medicine in consultation with their Diabetologists.

Depending upon how well client's body responds to Paleo diet, Sugar medicine or Insulin units can be either stopped fully and reduced to the minimum in this diet program.

2. Obesity Package with 100 days monitoring

Customised Paleo Food chart along with 100 days daily monitoring services are provided to obese / morbidly obese clients. The food consumed by them and time of each meal is monitored on daily basis and necessary advice to change their food plan and meal timing in order to achieve continuous and uniform weight reduction.

3. PCOS /PCOD package with 100 days Monitoring

Specially Designed Paleo Food chart along with 100 days daily monitoring services are provided to women with PCOD /PCOS problem. The food consumed by them and time of each meal is monitored on daily basis and necessary advice to change their food plan and meal timing in order to achieve continuous and uniform weight reduction as well as to maintain proper hormonal balance in woman clients.

4. Paleo Food Chart

Under this Package, Paleo Food Chart alone will be provided to the clients based on their Blood Test Report. But, these clients will not be given any service after Paleo food chart is prepared and handed over.